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We are quality pet grooming for dog and cats with Lots of TLC with more than 6 years experience. Come visit our shop at 80-82 Cranberry Highway. We are located at Oracle Square. We hope to see you soon! You can also make an appointment by clicking the button below.

Take your time to browse our website, you’ll find information on all the pet grooming services we provide, AND we’ve also added lots of great free information for you and your dog and cat including: Tips for in between pet grooming appointments, Dog training tips, Important information on canine nutrition, Fun ways to exercise your dog


Pamper your canine companion by booking one of our grooming sessions. Whether you have a very messy mutt or just need a touch up, we can help!

Depending on the breed and condition of your pet, we recommend that you have your dog groomed every 6-8 weeks. Our groomer will be happy to create a grooming schedule that meets your pets’ specific needs.

Sometimes we have senior dogs or those that require special care. We’re happy to take this into consideration and provide a safe environment for their grooming experience.

We use only the highest quality natural shampoos & conditioners and also offer hypo-allergenic options for those dogs with particularly sensitive skin or allergies

Service Includes:

Bath with shampoo & blow dry, Brushing, Haircut & light dematting, Nail trim, Scissoring feet & pad shaving, Sanitary trim, Anal gland cleaning, Bandana or bow. Our equipment is state of the art. We use the Prima Bathing System which deep cleans your dog’s or cat’s coat, providing a Hydromassage to stimulate circulation and loosen dirt and dead hairs, leaving the coat super clean. Drying is accomplished with forced-air dryers; we use no heat so there is no risk of burns or dehydration. It takes a bit longer this way, but we think it’s worth it.

Bathing Services

Sanitary Services

Grooming & Styling

Nail Trim & Nail Filing

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  • Our luxury salon provides professional dog and cat grooming services.
  • When you arrange an appointment with us, you are provided with a dedicated pet groomer.
  • Our expedited grooming service VIP has a 99% competition rate within two hours.
  • We prefer the use of tethers to retain pets in our grooming area where they can see other dogs but have no contact, we prefer not to crate or kennel dogs.
  • We use premium quality shampoos, conditioners, and products that are safe and environmentally friendly.

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