The Ultimate Diamond Nail Grinder



This patented invention will smooth your pet's sharp and ragged nails in seconds. Diamond-Paw® features a light weight, compact design. Just attach this tool to a standard motorized hand tool. The diamonds bonded in the nickel concave designs smoothes a pet's nails instantly. Specially designed with comfort in mind for both animal and groomer. The Diamond-Paw® Grinder is made from stainless steel and will last for years.

This is a new and very different concept in pet nail grinding. The Diamond-Paw® has the most efficient grinding capabilities. The nail is inserted into the tool which is lined with the most durable cutting particles available, diamonds. The inner walls of this concave designs are lined with nickel bonded diamonds. The process is similar to a pencil sharpener. After you insert the nail you press the button and the grinder spins. In 2-3 seconds your pet's nail is smooth and round, without jagged or sharp edges. There is a safety feature too! This concave shape allows for the pet's nail to be smoothed without touching the nerve on the end of the nail. Touching or grinding the nerve is very painful. Our design protects your pet's nerve from being exposed.

This product has been a favorite of veterinary clinics and pet owners combined.


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