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The development of this tool, Diamond-Paw® was born out of frustration of not having anyone who could satisfactorily grind the nails of my Shih Tzu Sally.
Her nails grew in a circle back toward her pads and she was constantly chewing them. In my concern for Sally and pursuing a solution to remedy her problem I came to realize other pets also have similar needs. There is no nail cutter capable of cutting a dog's nails without leaving them ragged, sharp and blunt. Even the sanding drum tool didn't provide me with a smooth and efficient solution.

This plastic stick represents before and after photos of a ragged & sharp nail and then the smooth rounded result after using the Diamond-Paw® grinding tool.
The tool I have developed
Has the unique ability to grind a dog's nails to virtually their original shape after being cut to length. The Diamond Paw® is placed over the nail similar to a pencil sharpener and the round rotation directs to the nail to the center and give the nail a smooth rounded original shape. Each nail is smoothed in 3 seconds using actual bonded diamond grit. It's unique patented shape leave the pet's nail nerve untouched. This is made possible by the center of the tool being recessed by design to a deeper depth. The sandpaper drum sander is only as good as the groomer is capable to go around the nail free handed.

The gray dot represents the nail nerve. With the
Diamond-Paw's® concave designs the nerve is
protected from injury.

Training is not necessary to use the tool.
If you are capable of sharpening a pencil it will do the job for you. The tool head is stainless steel with 120 grit diamonds nickel bonded inside the entire concave surface of the tool. Nickel bonded means the diamonds are held in place surrounded by nickel. The diamond grit bonds to the nickel through electroplating.

Why Diamonds?
There is no abrasive better than diamonds, so why accept anything less?



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